Terry Campie & Beginning Of His Entrepreneurial Career

In each one of our lives, we have someone who taught us the most important lessons of life that we carried further to get succeed in our lives. For Terry Campie, his grandfather taught him the most important tasks of his life. His grandfather Paul John Campie emphasized the importance of arduous work. He was the principal factor in Terry Campie’s later owning several companies in Iowa and in the United States Virgin Islands.

Terry Campie began his entrepreneurial career in the cemetery business. He was elected as President of Memory Gardens Cemetery (MG) in Iowa City, Iowa.

Along with that, Terry Campie was President and Chief Executive Officer of Memory Gardens Group Incorporated (MGGI).

Terry Campie was responsible for the operations of all cemetery operations including grounds maintenance and development.

In one instance, Terry Campie redeveloped the center of the cemetery from a few traditional burial spaces to above-ground “columbariums” to accommodate 400 times more cremation burials. This provided Johnson County with its first dedicated cremation burial section.

Today, when we see Terry Campie, we see him as an outstanding successful person but we don’t know how hard he works to reach that level of success. If you are the one who really wants to be like him, start working on yourself from day one.

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